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Doğuş And Kars Eli Perıodıcals’ Coverage of The Cıty of Anı

Anı City has been the the center of the Turkish dynasties for nearly 800 years in 40 km southeast of the Kars before and after the Islam and is a culture rich city as it hosted many nations. The conquest of the Anı city by the Seljuk ruler Alparslan in 1064 had been the first and most important step to convert Anatolia a Turkish homeland. Anı that was the entrance gate of the Turks in 1064 hosted various nations within its structure. When going from Kagizman to Erivanin 1647, Evliya Celebi the expression of a small and ruined castle for the city.It is not known when the Anı city had been ruins that was ruined in those years. The conquest date of Anı city has always been considered sacred for Kars and people of Kars. In this context, because the conquest of the Anı in August 16, 1964 had a very important role to convert Anatolia into a Turkish homeland, 1every year great celebration ceremonies were held in the Kars until 1970s. When celebrating every year in Kars, the 90th anniversary of the conquest of city coincided with the general election period and indoor hall celebration was made in order not to hinder the celebrations. In Nine Hundred Second anniversary, large-scale celebrations were made that was in August 14-18, 1966. Today, Anı City that has an important historical importance is not known by many people. In the study. In this study, it is acted with the slogan of " future of nations who do not know their history is determined by others" and the information gap on this issue has been tried to be closed to some extent. Karseli and Doğus Journals which are one of the press organs of Kars Community Center opened approximately in the same period with the community centers opened in Turkey, have undertaken a guiding mission in order to overcome this deficiency. In terms of its history and all its features, the Kars Community Center journals named Doğuş and Karseli have given too much detail on the subject. In particular, its historical texture is processed step by step. In the study, these journals were searched and the aim was to eliminate the lack of information about the city of Ani. In line with the target to be achieved, the mentioned journals were given weight, the sources available were examined and the reader was requested to have information about the city of Anı.


Ani, History, Alparslan, Doğuş Periodical, Kars Eli Periodical

Author : Arzu BOY
Number of pages: 1298-1323
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