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Changes in the Administrative Structure and Population of New Districts After Conversion From Township to District: Erdemli District Example (1954-1980)

In this study, the historical development of population, urban and rural population, gender and age structure, immigrations, education, distribution of population in terms of economic sectors, the intensity and distribution thereof are examined in line with the administrative changes since the proclamation of Republic until today in Erdemli Distict which is located in Mediterranean shore and in the west of Mersin. As is known, Erdemli; one of the districts of Mersin which is one of the biggest cities of Mediterranean Region in terms of surface area, has hosted various civilizations through the history starting with Kizuwatnians’ age and hosted Hittite, Phrygia, Asus, Ancient Greece, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk, Karamanoğulları and Ottoman civilizations respectively, therefore it involves very rich historical and cultural assets. Various administrative arrangements have been made in this important settlement through the history and this has affected the population naturally. Based on administrate arrangements accomplished in Republic period especially, it is obligatory to make various rearrangements the status of sub-districts and villages of Erdemli. This has naturally affected the population growth rate. This piece shall be created by utilizing various research and examination works, primarily achieve records, Official Gazette and Turkish Statistical Institute data.


Erdemli, AdministrativeStructure, Mersin, Population.

Author : Bilal TUNÇ
Number of pages: 577-591
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