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The Transformatıon of Agrıcultural Productıon and Lıvelıhoods in Rural Areas (Case of Bartın Vıllages)

Due to information and technological advances, natural environment-ecology, economic activities, political trends, thought patterns, psychological structures and lifestyles around the world are undergoing a rapid transformation. The transformation in any area of life naturally affects changes in other areas and sometimes causes deformation and sometimes an adaptation. Communication and transportation opportunities have developed around the world. A new set of formations brought about by the globalization process has a profound impact on social life. Knowledge transfer and different thoughts can be reached quickly and effectively different parts of the world. New developments have emerged in working conditions and health services. As rapid changes and transformations are concentrated in urban areas in general, large migration movements are experienced in cities and population density decreases in rural areas. So living conditions and livelihood of people living in rural areas are diversified world wide. The study was carried out in order to determine what kind of changes rural households have undergone in their agricultural production and livelihoods depending on the changing conditions. Between 2017-2019, a research was conducted on the economic life of 90 households in 9 villages of the central district of Bartın. Within the scope of the research, interviews with households were conducted and numerical data were collected on issues such as agricultural activities, diversification of livelihoods, problems in agricultural production and the size of agricultural land owned.


Rural Areas, Rural Transformation, Agricultural Activities, Livelihoods

Author : Fethi NAS
Number of pages: 853-873
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