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A Critical View Of The Origins Of Nationalism And The Understanding Of Modern Nationalism

Today, especially in Europe, the idea of nationalism is rising and rising as a lance that does not fit into sacks. The gap that emerged after the Cold War was put forward by the United States of America that has understood clearly by the other nations that it’s empty. Which were “Globalization, Interfaith Dialogue, New World Order” etc… Of course, we cannot say this consciousness formed have drawn their own national lines by all other states. Each state has its own geostrategic position and status. For example, a unified Arab nationalism from the Gulf countries or it is more than purity that we expect all Latin American countries to have a united Latin nationalism. How just as the idea of nationalism emerged in Europe in the modern sense, Now, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, many of the old and new chief powers of Europe and the majority of its people have entered a new era of Nationalism. In this study, as a result of political events in the world after the emergency of the nationalism philosopy, we will criticize the development of a different direction.


Nationalism, Typology of Nationalism, Comparative Nationalism.

Author : Ergenekon SAVRUN
Number of pages: 1218-1244
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