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Effects of Mobıle Learnıng on Academıc Achıevement: A Meta Analysıs

The main purpose of this research is to analyze empirical researches on the effect of mobile learning on students’ academic achievement by using meta-analysis method. In the study, Meta-Analysis Method was used as a systematic method of synthesis. The studies for the Meta - Analysis were collected from YOK Thesis Center, ProQuest, EBSCOhost and Google Academic, Turkish Academic Network and Information Center databases. For the study 40 scientific research conducted between 2009-2018 in Turkey were selected. The effect size index of Cohen's g effect size was used. By using the results of heterogeneity test, the effect of mobile learning on academic achievement was calculated as 1.055. It was found that the calculated effect size had a high positive effect and statistically significant. In order to ensure the reliability of the meta-analysis study, publication bias has been tested by using graphical and statistical findings. Comparative effect sizes were calculated and interpreted according to publication year, field study, level of education, mobile device used, duration of application and application environment. According to the results of the study, it was understood that mobile learning effected students’ academic achievement in a positive and meaningful way.


Mobil Learning, Meta-Analysis, Academic Achievement

Author : Nuri SÖNMEZ - Suat ÇAPUK
Number of pages: 884-925
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