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Alıja Izetbegovıc’s Foreıgn Polıcy in Bosnıa and Herzegovına War (1992-1995)

After collapse of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina war occurred as a result of Serbian nationalism and irredentism. Bosniak, Croatian and Serbian military forces had started to mercilessly struggle with each other, as to the result was determined by Bosniak-Croatian alliance and NATO operations against Serbians. In Bosnia that has three different ethnic groups, Bosniaks consist of majority of population however they were weakest link with respect to military and political as well. This situation caused that Bosniaks suffer from the war at the utmost. Alija Izetbegovic as a president, in the basis of his foreign policy during the war, based on protection of Bosnia’s territorial integrity. Yet at this point Izetbegovic who was conscious regarding there was not any state that hold on Bosniak’s in the Balkans. In this respect he tried to prompt international organizations to end the war in the Bosniaks’ struggle for existence. He was aware of sooner or later Western intervene could end Bosnian war and so he created outline of his foreign policy in this direction.


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian Nationalism, Izetbegovic’s Foreign Policy, Peace Plans, NATO.

Author : Recep ÇELİK
Number of pages: 196-222
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