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Ethnocentrıc Reductıon And Abusıve Fıdelıty As Domestıcatıng Strategıes In News Translatıon

This paper deals with such domesticating strategies as ethnocentric reduction and abusive fidelity applied in journalistic translation as an act or process of reproducing news stories. Of these, the former reduces the foreign text to target-language cultural values, detaching all the features of the source culture. The latter, on the other hand, comes across as a principle regarded as a sign of resistance to widely accepted translation norms that conform to the hegemony of the target language and culture in that the linguistic and cultural difference of the foreign text remains intact. In accordance with the contemporary concept of translation, texts are domesticated and tailored in such a way to easily suit the target audience expectation. Hence, the process in news translation in which the original text will be obliterated at the expense of journalistic purposes may not fully comply with the traditional source text-oriented paradigm of translation although it seems to be congruent with its pragmatic nature.


ethnocentric reduction, abusive fidelity, domestication, news translation, hybrid translator-editor

Yazar : Muhammed Zahit CAN - - Gökmen GEZER
Sayfa Sayısı: 1-37
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Journal of History School
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