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The Palestıne Issue Startıng from The Sykes-Pıcot Agreement to The Establıshment of Israel

Britain and France, whose interests in the Middle East conflicted during the First World War, prepared the secret sharing plans for the post-war period by the Sykes-Picot Agreement in May 1916. According to this, the lands promised for the Arabs to establish an independent state were transformed into the zone of influence of the two states, and the Palestinian territories that could not be shared by the relevant countries were deemed worthy of an international administration. After the British occupation of Jerusalem in 1917 and of Palestine in September 1918, the region, in which Islam lost its sovereignty, came under the rule of British military government. As of 1946, martial law was implemented in Palestine, which witnessed many rebellions and conflicts until the end of the Second World War, however, the Britain realized that it could not stop the conflict and it was notified to the United Nations. The Committee, which was established for this issue, recommended in its report submitted in 1947 that the region should be divided into two parts under economic union for the people of these countries and the General Assembly adopted this division on 29 November 1947 with Resolution No. 181. According to this, Palestine would be divided into seven regions, except Jerusalem, which would have an international status, and three of them would be given to Jews and three of them would be given to Arabs. However, the Jews, who ignored the division resolution like the Arabs, increased their terrorizing activities and began to kill the Arabs living in the region or forced them to migrate and on the night of May 15,1948, when the mandate government was eliminated, Israel declared its independence. After that, the most important policy of Israel, which is supported by international public opinion, will be to expand its territories. In this study, it is aimed to evaluate the Palestine issue, which seems to be an internal problem of the Islamic world, but which later gains an international dimension, from a different and objective perspective.


Sykes-Picot, Balfour, San Remo, Israel, Palestine

Author : Tekin ÖNAL
Number of pages: 246-265
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