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The Role of Woman in Nathanıel Hawthorne’s Novel The Scarlet Letter and Wıllıam Faulkner’s Novel as I Lay Dyıng

In this study the most significant females characters in Nathiel Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter and William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying are analyzed in terms of the roles in the society. The study is composed through literature review. In both of these novels, the female characters, Hester and Addie have illegitimate children. Even the thoughts of the women on them is that they have committed sin and they should confess and pray God for salvation. While Hawthorne’s character, Hester is so brave to confess her sin, Faulkner’s character, Addie doesn’t confess her sin. After she dies, the sin is explained through other characters’ thoughts, dialogues and inner monologues of her on past. When these two females are dealt with on moral roles given them, they are seen as the women who do not obey the role that women should be faithful to their husband. In both novels, it is explained that women have responsibilities towards their husbands and children. They mustn’t act against the roles given by the society. In addition, Hester and Addie are the women who exemplify women who are the defiants to the roles of genders and careless about them. To conclude, in both The Scarlet Letter and As I Lay Dying the roles of woman are emphasized.


Woman Roles, Female Characters, American Literature

Author : Yasemin AŞCI
Number of pages: 1787-1809
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