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The Impact of Inflatıon, External Debt, Turkey's 2007-2017 Perıod

It is necessary for the development of developing countries investments not having adequate levels of savings is limited. When you create a source of savings planned investment investment investment and imports of raw materials increased and income level of the goods with their demand for foreign consumer goods. To resolve the increasing demand for imported foreign exchange into the country, raising exports allow or external borrowing needs to go. External borrowing, lack both the savings necessary for development both in removing imports itself. External borrowing and inflation is one of the major problems in the country's economy. Off the record is more than the economy, the cyclical fluctuations occur, the budget is always open, become fungible debt you owe, in private and public spending, waste and natural disasters increased external borrowing and the country's economy, influenced by the negative. In this study, we examined the relationship of inflation data in line with borrowing.


External Debt, Inflation,Import, Export, Foreign Trade

Author : Şahin ÇETİNKAYA - Raziye BARTAL
Number of pages: 631-647
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