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Legend of the Holy Spear According to the Crusaders Chronicles and Western Sources

There are some rumors that have gained popularity in the Christian world in the historical process. The “Holy Spear” or “Spear of Longinus”, which is mentioned to have been unearthed in the Church of St. Peter in Antioch on 14 June 1098, is also one of these. This spear asserts that the siege of Antakya, which took place during the First Crusade, changed the course of the siege. The question of the holiness and originality of the spear has been the subject of debate both by its own writers and by its writers. The discussions were generally not objectively treated. There is concern in the debates that the clergy of the period will be denied and the crusader will be portrayed as silly. The legend of the Holy Spear is also described in Latin chronicles, Islamic history books, and contemporary Western sources. In this context, this article discusses when the Holy Spear Legend began, its impact on the crusaders and the originality of the spear. Thus, the view that the spear incident was a religious fiction was supported.


History of Islam, I. Crusader War, Siege of Antioch, Holy Spear, Peter Bartholomaeus.

Author : Gülşen İSTEK
Number of pages: 1365-1383
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