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The Effect of Science Festival Activity on STEM Awareness of Science Pre-Service Teachers

In this study, the effect of science festival activity organized in Science Teaching Laboratory Applications II course on STEM awareness of science pre-service teachers was investigated. The research has been shaped according to the principles of mixed methods. In the research, semi-experimental method was used to collect quantitative data. Semi-structured interview technique, which is one of the qualitative data collection techniques, was used in order to get in-depth the opinions of pre- service teachers. The quantitative and qualitative data obtained were analyzed separately and correlated in the context of research questions. 58 science pre-service teachers who attended Science Teaching Laboratory Applications II course participated in the study. In the study, dependent groups t-test was used in the analysis of the data obtained from the STEM awareness scale applied as pre- and post-test. Coding technique which is one of the inductive approaches was used in the analysis of the data obtained from the interviews. As a result of the study, it was found that there was a significant difference in favor of the post-test scores in the comparison between the pre-test and post-test mean scores of the pre-service teachers' STEM awareness scale (p <.05). In addition, in the study, pre-service teachers learned how to overcome problems with their group friends while preparing for the science festival, their self-confidence increased, their hand skills improved, and they started to exhibit more creative and productive behaviors.


Science Festival, STEM Awareness, Pre-Service Teachers, Science Teaching Laboratory Applications

Number of pages: 1480-1502
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