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Strategıc Importance of The Mılıtary Operatıon in Azerbaıjan nd Dagestan Durıng The World War I

Shaken by Bolshevist uprisings, Czarist Russia was stuck up in a difficult situation as the Straits were not providing any help. Armed with Russian weapons, the Armenians was posing a great danger in the region by taking advantage of the authority gap. Shortly after the Armenian military launched massacres in Azerbaijan, the local community asked Ottoman Empire for help. Furthermore, Enver Pasha sent troops to the region and started a military operation. The Caucasian Islamist Army led by Enver Pasha had two major objectives for this operation. First objective was to eliminate English threat on Baku’s oil resources and return to the rightful owner, the Azerbaijani people. Second objective was to liberate Dagestan oppressed by Kazakh and Bolshevik domination. The military operation in Azerbaijana and Dagestan was succeeded and the regions were emancipated. Despite the combat was concluded in favor of the Ottomans, acquisitions from the war were renounced because of the signed truce.


Russia, Armenians, Azerbaijan, Dagestan, Ottoman Empire

Author : Abdullah İLGAZİ
Number of pages: 1245-1257
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