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A New Novel Technıque “Forward Technıque” and its Exıstence Reasons

Even though it makes additions and subtractions on the artistic level, the type of novel that follows and imitates life has to be open to all time structures and patterns by its nature. The author, who is positioned as the Divine perspective of the novel and the “God” in the world he created, that is, as the Divine narrator, is able to move freely in past, present and future periods. “The technique of return“ is used to technically express the times when the author breaks away from the narrative time and goes back to the past and tells the past; the term “forward-going technique“ is used to express the temporal jumps to which it does the opposite and goes back to the present. This study, in which we examine the forward-going technique, which is also hidden in the backward technique, aims to concretize the existence, use and usage of this technique which is not included in the novel theory books, and its effects on the genre and contributions of the novel. In the study, document analysis technique, which is one of the qualitative research techniques, is used as a technique that is used frequently in traditional, modernist and postmodernist novels, it strengthens the real life relationship and adds movement, color and richness to the novel; It was concluded that the element of time provided a holistic representation of the novel, contributed to a better understanding of the events, mediated the recognition of the characters better, and its existence was revealed through grammatical structures or guiding word patterns.


art, literature, novel, technique, forward technique, return technique

Author : Salim DURUKOĞLU
Number of pages: 1909-1918
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