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Prime Ministir Refik Saydam

Refik Saydam is the fourth prime minister of the Republic of Turkey. He founded by 11 th and 12 the governments. His real education was in Military Medicine of the Ottoman Empire period. He has specialized in combat inginfectious diseases. With a vaccine he found, he entered the medical literature. Tripoli, Balkan wars, World War I and National Struggle years in the field of health services behind the front. Forth is reason, it is generally known forits health side rather than politician. He met Mustafa Kemal during the Tripoli Warand wasamong the team that went to Samsun with him. He is among the people Mustafa Kemal trusts. Forth is reason, he served as the deputy of Doğubayazit in the first Turkish Grand National Assembly. He also served as the Head of the Department of Health at the Ministry of Defense. Later, he became Minister of Health. It has played an important role in the establishment of hospitals, child carestation sand Tuberculosis Dispensaries in Istanbuland Ankara in many provinces of our country. Between 1931-38 he served as Minister of Education and Finance. When İsmet İnönü left the Prime Minister's office, he resigned from the cabinet and took his place. After the death of Atatürk, İnönü assumed the post of President and served as Prime Minister between 1939-1942 with the resignation of Celal Bayar from the Prime Ministry. Ismet is the biggest supporter of İnönü's policy during this period, which came across World War II. In this context it has been the decisive period Inonu of Turkey's foreign policy. The subject of the study will be to determine the position of Prime Minister Refik Saydam in Turkish political history and democratization process.


Keywords: Villageinstitutes, immigrant, İnönü, Hygiene, National Protection Law

Author : Hacer GÖL
Number of pages: 62-82
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