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A Comparatıve Analysıs About Modal Suffıxes Wıthın Behcetü’l-Hadâik And Kıssa-Yı Yusuf

The aim of this study is to compare the modal suffixes in the works of Behcetü’l Hadâik and Kıssa-yı Yusuf, which are called mixed-language, with the modal suffixes in Karahanlı, Harezm, Kıpçak and Old Anatolian Turkish and to examine the verb conjugations in these works based on these modal suffixes. Mixed-language works are the works that include the characteristics of Eastern Turkish and Western Turkish together. Behcetü’l-Hadâik and Kıssa-yı Yusuf are also mixed-language works. Although many studies have been conducted on these works, comparative language studies have not been conducted. In this context, modal suffixes in Behcetü’l-Hadâik and Kıssa-yı Yusuf were analysed and it was seen that those modal suffixes used in Karahanlı, Kharezm and Kipchak Turkish were used in these Works, as well. It is also revealed that some modal suffixes in these works are used in Karahanli, Kharezm, Kipchak Turkish and Old Anatolian Turkish.


Modal suffixes, Behcetü’l Hadâik, Kıssa-yı Yusuf, Karahanli Turkish, Kharezm Turkish, Kipchak Turkish, Old Anatolian Turkish.

Author : Türker Barış BULDUK
Number of pages: 1956-1977
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