Teachers' Opinions about the Problems Encountered in the Implementation of Currıcula in the Multigrade Classes and their Solutions

Author : Ebru BOZPOLAT
Number of pages : 1011-1044


The purpose of this study is to determine the teachers' opinions about the problems encountered in the implementation of curricula in the multigrade classes and their solutions. In accordance with this purpose; it was tried to determine the opinions of the multigrade class teachers about the problems and their solutions arising from the teacher, student, parents, curriculum, education system and equipment. A case study pattern, which is one of the qualitative research designs, was used in the study. The study group of the research consists of 15 primary school teachers who were working in multigrade classes in schools connected to the center of Sivas in the 2017-2018 academic years. In the participation of teachers to research is based on volunteerism. To obtain the data in the research, semistructured interview form that were prepared by the researcher were used. In the first part of the form, the personal information of the teachers was included; in the second part of the form, 6 open-ended questions sentences was included to determine view of teachers about the problems and solution suggestions arising from from teachers, students, parents, curriculum, education system and equipment in the implementation of the curricula. In the evaluation of the obtained data, content analysis method was used in accordance with the qualitative research design. As a result of the research; many problems and solution suggestions related to the dimensions were determined. The problems resulting from teachers include being inexperienced and being ineffective in more than one class; the problems resulting from students include having low level of readiness, being indifferent to the lessons and not knowing how important education is; the problem resulting from parents includes being indifferent to their children; the problem resulting from curriculum includes having no curriculum exclusive to multigrade classes; the problem resulting from education system includes teaching four different grades in a classroom; the problems resulting from equipment include having limited technological devices and the Internet problems. The aforementioned problems are the most emphasized ones which teachers state. It has been pointed out that the most suggested solutions of teachers to these problems are increasing course hours covering multigrade class teaching in universities, having university students intern in multigrade classes, attracting attention and interest of the students by using effective class management methods, raising awareness of the parents on the importance of education, preparing a special curriculum to multigrade classes, providing technological devices and dealing with the Internet problems.


Multigrade class, Curricula, Problem, Solution suggestion


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