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EFL Needs Analysis of a State Primary School for Deaf Children: A Disadvantaged Group in the Turkish Education System

Needs analysis is the most fundamental step of preparing courses, materials, and curriculums, as well as being one of the cornerstones of foreign language education programs. It covers a number of sub-categories such as present situation analysis, target situation analysis, deficiency analysis, and strategy analysis. Here in our study we implemented a deficiency analysis which can be defined as the analysis of learners’ deficiencies or lacks. In order to have a deep understanding of the EFL needs of deaf children who do not have EFL courses in their school program, a needs analysis was conducted. Based upon a phenomenological research design, a semi-structured interview was administered to a class teacher, a parent, and an administrator at a state school for the deaf in Turkey. The findings of the study represented significant views related to the mentioned issue. Some implications were made accordingly.


ESP, EAP, needs analysis, deaf children, disadvantaged groups

Author : Ömer Gökhan ULUM
Number of pages: 355-364
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Journal of History School
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