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East-West Conflıct from Orhan Pamuk’s Perspectıve

East-West conflict has an important place within the theme world of Orhan Pamuk who considers conflicts/contradiction as the basis of novel. Pamuk grew up in Nişantaşı district in Istanbul in Turkey that is an important place where East and West culture coincide. Pamuk, who was raised in this environment, knew both cultures together. This separate two worlds, East and West cultures, took its place in Pamuk’s way of questioning. The purpose of this study is to determine and describe the reflection of East-West conflict, which has an important place in Orhan Pamuk’s theme world, on his works. The process of the research was conducted with document analysis which is one of the qualitative research methods, and descriptive-interpretive analysis was utilized in the analysis of the data obtained. As a result of the research it was determined that conflict factors handled upon different aspects are transferred in life as they are without corrupting their multi dimensional and complicated structure, they do not have a purpose of reaching a conclusion; and semantic processes such as questioning, interpreting and concluding were left to the reader.


Orhan Pamuk, Theme, East-West, Conflict

Author : Özcan BAYRAK - Sedat EROL
Number of pages: 475-488
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