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Vocabulary of Kumuk Turkish in Turkish Dialects Dictionary

Although the Caucasus is a region with difficult geographical conditions for human life, use it on the migration routes from east to west, from north to south. Kumuk Turks are one of the ethnic elements living in this geography. Turkish communities living in the Caucasus for centuries had to take shelter in the Ottoman Empire as a result of the Russians getting stronger and expanding since the 17th century. Kumuk Turks had to come to Anatolia by leaving their homeland especially in the second period of the 19th century and early 20th century. It is possible to find the data of the languages of Kumuk Turks who settled in Anatolia in the Turkish Dialects Dictionary. Turkish Dialects Dictionary is a dictionary, Turkey is the most comprehensive study of the Turkish dialects. In this article, the vocabulary belonging to Kumuk Turkish in the dictionary in question will be examined within the framework of vowels and consonant changes.


Dialects of Turkey Turkish, Turkish Dialects Dictionary, vocabulary of Kumuk Turkish.

Author : Türker Barış BULDUK
Number of pages: 501-529
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