A Publishing Activity under the Shadow of Yön Magazine: Yön Publication

Author : Tülay GENCER
Number of pages : 918-933


In the 1960s, the leftist has been liberated as never before in Turkey, many left magazines and publishing houses have been established. Such that, the word that socialism has become a frequently used word in daily life. Concepts such as social justice, planning and development that found its expression in the 1961 Constitution, have brought with it especially the discussion of different socialism insights in the leftist. Surely, in this sense, Yön magazine has made the biggest contribution after 1960. It has been at the center of the thinking life of the 1960s. Likewise, the magazine acted as the taboo destructor of the period and also carried out other activities to contribute to socialism. Yön Publications is just one of them. Although not many books have been published by the publishing house, the books made original contributions to the creation of Turkish socialism. In almost every book, there is a preface of Doğan Avcıoğlu, the founder of both the magazine and the publishing house and it is likely that the books were chosen by him. In these selected books, the topics that are Islam-socialism unity, anti-imperialism, Ottoman social structure, etc., are in parallel with the topics in Yön magazine.


Yön Magazine, Yön Publications, Doğan Avcıoğlu, Left, Socialism.


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