Swearword as a Tool of Psychological Violence and Offence to Privacy in Ottoman Society
It is observed that people use swearwords as a reflex of temper and violence when they get angered or come up against an unwanted condition. It’s known that in the course of history nearly every people from every geography and society, whether man or women, appeals this violent element; but how it has been interpreted by social norms and law is obscure. In this study, based on sheriyye registers, swearwords on law documents in Ottoman society which restricts privacy firmly will be examined. In this study, based on studies of sheriyye registers of various cities, the usage of swearwords in the Ottoman society and how much the folk was willing to go to courts when this kind of negative situation arose will be analyzed. Our study is a try for understanding the meaning of words for the people from different social positions in Ottoman society in the basis of court records which these people had attend as claimant or defendant. Thus, information on which values people prioritise to expose their opponent with psychological violance will be explored

Language, Violence, Swearword, Ottoman Society, Ottoman Court Record