The Place and Importance of Turkish Agricultural Supply Department (Tzdk) in The Process of Agricultural Mechanization in the Republic Period of Turkey (1943-1960)
This study deals with the establishment and production activities of Turkish Agricultural Supply Department (TZDK), which contributed to the process of agricultural mechanization in Turkey in the Republic period, and its contribution to economy. The subject is limited to and discussed under the titles of the foundation and functions of TZDK in the Republican People’s Party (CHP) period (1944-1950); the production activities of TZDK in the CHP period (1944-1950); and the production activities of TZDK in the Democrat Party (DP) period (1950-1960). Evaluations have been made based on numeric data in discussing the production activities of TZDK and the contribution of such activities to economy. The gap in the literature about the research subject has been filled through use of primary sources such as archive documents, official publications, laws, journals of official reports, proceedings of memorandum, official gazettes, statistical data, Ayın Tarihi journal (government’s dating publication), articles from the magazines of the period, and books. Relevant evaluations have been made considering the transfer of agricultural tools and machines from the leading agricultural countries of the world to Turkey of the period under discussion. It has been found out that TZDK, which was established with the decree of the Turkish Council of Ministers in 1943, was turned into a public economic enterprise one year later and supplied thousands of machines or agricultural tools through either import from foreign countries or production at Adapazarı Agricultural Tools Factory, thereby rendering the agricultural sector well-equipped and making significant contributions to the national economy.

Turkish Agricultural Supply Department, Agricultural Tools, Machine, Tractor.