Importance Of Resources In Local History Studies: Burdur Sample
Local history is the history of surrounding country, village or province. The issue of local history is the human element that experiences the events and developments. Within the local that can be perceived as the opposite of the global word, the events or phenomena experienced by the country or the states can be expressed as the effects on the human specificity. Local history researches, which have an important place in XX century historiography, are confronted with work that is more difficult and requires more labor when compared with general history researches. Working in small windows to draw the general bigger frame can be useful for a firmer floor. When the trainings given in the history sections of the universities are examined, it is seen that local history studies are not given much. Nevertheless, the existence of history departments of universities established in almost every province of the country plays an effective role in accelerating local history studies. When the postgraduate dissertations are examined, the existence of local history studies is remarkable Local history studies, however, have often been the workplace of amateur workers rather than those trained professionals in the university. In this study, after the definition of the local history study, the places where the first hand resources can be reached for the local history work will be revealed in Burdur province. In the third part of the work, attempts will be made to identify ways to be followed in the classification of data obtained from examples of works of amateur historians who conduct local history studies. Finally, local history resources will be evaluated and a review will be made about local historical works related to Burdur. As a result, we will try to draw a sample road map for the researcher who will work in other cities.

Local history, Burdur, resources, archive.