Marshal Goltz's Death in the Basis of the British Press and the American Press
The Ottoman Empire and Germany fought together during the First World War. A large number of soldiers and the commanders from Germany came to Turkey to fight in the Ottoman army in this war. One of them was Feld Marshal Baron Colmar von der Goltz. However, Marshal Goltz, who was an important commander in Turkey, died at the beginning of his duty in the Ottoman territory while he was Commander of the 6th Army on 19 April 1916. His death was a great loss for the Ottoman State and Germany. In the meantime, his death contributed to the rapprochement between Germany and Ottoman relations. The death of Marshal Goltz was followed in the British press and the American press. But, contrary to Ottoman and German claims, it was argued that Marshal Goltz did not die from typhoid disease and was killed by a Turkish officer in the British press and the American press. The death of Goltz was shown as a political murder. The aim was to create problems in Turkey-Germany relations. In particular, the British press used the death of Marshal Goltz as a propaganda material. The American press made more moderate publications, despite taking the British press as an example. In this study traced the reflections and the deaths of Marshal Goltz in England and USA by utilizing different newspapers from England and United States.

Feld Marshal Von der Goltz, Germany, Ottoman Empire, United Kingdom, United States