Beekeeping Activities In Turkey In The Republic Period (1923-1960)
This study deals with the beekeeping activities in Turkey in the 37-year period from the first years of the Republic to 1960 and their contributions to the economy. The subject is limited to and discussed under the titles of efforts for the development of beekeeping in the first 22 years of the Republic (1923-1945); the beekeeping activities in various regions of Turkey and the main problems of such activities (1945-1950); and the beekeeping activities in Turkey from 1950 to 1960. Evaluations have been made based on numeric data in discussing the beekeeping activities in Turkey and their contributions to the economy. The gap in the literature about the research subject has been filled through use of primary sources such as Republic archive documents, official publications, journals of official reports, proceedings of memorandum, statistical data, Ayın Tarihi journal (government’s dating publication), and articles from agriculture and economy magazines of the period. The relevant evaluations have been made considering the developments in the field of beekeeping in Turkey at that time. It has been found out that tithe imposed on honey and beehives as of the first of the Republic was abolished and beekeeping exhibitions were opened; the National Economy and Savings Society gathered the First Congress on Agriculture in which they brought up the problems of beeping to the agenda; and beekeeping courses were held abroad. Then important steps were taken for the development of modern beekeeping with the increase of the amount of fund allocated for beekeeping in the Ministry of Agriculture, foundation of beekeeping union and cooperatives, and rise in the number of technical beehives and the amount of honey and beeswax. By this means, significant contributions were made to the national economy.

Bee, Honey, Beeswax, Beehive, Agriculture.