Study On The Contribution Of Computer Games To The Foreign Language Education: Research Sample On 100 Higher Education Students Whose Native Languages Is Turkish
It is seen that the computer games sector, gradually getting ahead of the film and music sectors in terms of the worldwide economy, has become popular in our country. It is known that its customers involve a wide range of individuals not only from the ones in secondary education but also the students in higher education and the ones in business life. Owing to the entertaining, foreign language content, multi-player structure and international interaction opportunities of such a widespread tool, the question about whether they contribute to the foreign language competence or not come to the minds. In order to experience an interaction at the expected level on computer games, individuals are required to have certain level foreign language knowledge. Thus, the data, which has been collected from the higher education students via the survey method, has been evaluated and the games in this concern have been analysed, and the contributions of both the single-player and the multi-player games, which are in foreign language, to the foreign language have been determined.

Computer games, foreign language education, Computer-assisted language learning, CALL.