Examination Of The Nouvel The Story Of A Poor Young Man By Octave Feuillet In Terms Of Moral Values And Its Reflection In Turkish Cinema
Maksim, the main character in the nouvel, is an honest, trustworthy, upright and man who studied law. He comes to Paris expecting to find a job there,cannot find a one owing to lack of experience and reference about his job. This gorgeous city, which makes it impossible fort he poor young man to hold on to life whit its harsh rules, drives him into powerty day by day, Maksim’s life charges with his visit to his father’s old lawyer, Mr. La Bepan. La Bapen finds a job for him outside of Paris, now he’s a steward, in a chateau owned by a noble weathy family named Larok. Maksim gains the trust and appreciation of the family in a short time thanks to his personel morality, diligence and honesty. His friendsip with the youngest daughter of the family develops into love after a while. The nouvel, which covers the moral valus such as honasty, diligence, modesty and trust, had an impact on Turkish novel and it constitute the theme of a film, Fakir Bir Gencin Romanı whose main characters are Cüneyt Arkın and Filiz Akın. The plot of the film, which takes place in İstanbul in 1960’s, is similar to some events in the novel as to dealing with the issues such as poverty, love, honesty and ingratitude.

Octave Feuillet, The story of a poor young man, Turkish cinema.