Modern Military Schools In Baghdad Province During The Ottoman Period
From the XVIII. Century Ottoman statesmen initiated renovations in the military with the assistance of international experts to avoid defeats. At the end of this century modern military educational institutions began to open. In order to avoid military, political and economic decline military education institutions became widespread in the XIX. Century, including rural areas. First modern educated military officers were produced in the provinces. In the province of Bağdat which became part of the Ottoman Empire during the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman era and then during the IV. Murad era and was a province of the Empire between 1639 and 1917 the first modern military rushdiyye (military junior high school) was opened in the period of Midhat Pasha (1869-1872) who was the governor of the province. Later a military high school and higher military education schools were opened in the province of Bağdat. This study deals with the description of these military schools in the province of the Bağdat which was the center of the 6. army. More specifically, information about their administrators, teachers, military officers, civil servants and janitor will be provided as well as the courses and the number of students will be given.

Ottoman Empire, Province of Baghdad, Military Schools, Military Academy, Education, School.