Women's Nationalists In The Democrat Party Period and Partner Activities (1950-1960)
Until 1946, the CHP formed a multi-party structure, which was the main feature of the democratic regime, together with short intermittent pauses until this day. The most important political party established during this transition period and also affecting the later years of Turkish political history has undoubtedly been the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party, founded on 7 January 1946 under the chairmanship of Celal Bayar, developed rapidly and ended the CHP's 27-year rule in the May 14, 1950 elections and retained the rule of the next decade. The number of female parliamentarians who entered the Grand National Assembly during the ten-year period of the DP is not very welcoming; Between 1950-1954 3, between 1954-1957 4 and between 1957-1960 a total of 15, re-elections (Nazlı Tlabar 3 periods and Nuriye Pınar 2 periods), a total of 12 women deputies took part in parliament. Of these 12 women members, 9 were DP, 1 was CHP, 2 women parliamentary members. The subject of this examination is the activities of the 12 women's deputies and Parliament in the Turkish Grand National Assembly during the power period of the DP. The main source of the work is the publications of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) and related TBMM publications.

DP, Parliament, Female, Deputy, Political