Some Considerations On Magical Rituals Of Hittites
Ritual is one of the most significant religious practices for Hittites to get into contact with the deities living on earth and netherworld. It is known that a large number of the cuneiform tablets found during the excavations mention mostly about religious activities. It is also not surprising that ritual activities are cited most often as Hittites believed that they could deal with the problems such as illness, black magic, death etc. by means of magical rituals. As being blended with magical practices and give the chance of contacting with the deities, ritual practices inform us about how Hittites tried to explain the mortal world they live in. This essay mainly focuses on the general features of Hittite magical rituals by taking the cuneform texts into consideration and tries to reveal to what extent these rituals affected the daily life of Hittites.

Hittite Empire, Religion, Magic, Ritual.