Comparative Analysis Of Higher Education Policies In Development Plans
Current developments in higher education, higher education projections and problems of the higher education system require some policies to be defined in this area and the process to progress towards specific goals. In this context, policies on higher education, such as increasing the quality and quantity in higher education, internationalization of higher education, transition to higher education, management of higher education system, structure and financing, training of teaching staff are included in the Development Plans. In this research, it is aimed to thematically examine policies in the field of higher education in Development Plans. Qualitative research techniques were used in the study designed using document review. Descriptive analysis and content analysis techniques were used together in the analysis of research data. According to the results of the research - until the mid-1990s focused on qualitative improvements in Development Plans and qualitative developments such as internationalization, mobility of teaching staff and quality assurance have not been addressed.

Development Plans, Higher Education, Policy Analysis.