Social Structure Of Khorasan Prior To Seljuq: Ethnic And Religious Components, Linguistic And Denominational Structures
The obligation of living together created social life. This social life is composed of various ethnic and religious groups. In addition to this, linguistic structure has been in existence together with the variety of ethnic and religious components. One of the main elements of a social life is a denominational structure that consists of bureaucratic, scientific, military, and other classes. Meanwhile, there are some factors, which change and transform the social life. Khorasan Region is a geographical area, where some ethnic and religious groups lived together. The region had contained within itself many ethnic and religious groups since it was a junction point towards China, India, and Russia. Because of the significance of this region, the ethnic and religious components, denominational structure, social life, social institutions of Khorasan will be examined in this study.

Khorasan, Social Structure, Social Life, Social Institutions, Ethnic and Religious Components.