Genç Türkiye’nin İdeolojik Kurumları: Ahlak Eğitimi ve Aile
Ideological aspect of education has come to prominence upon emerge of nation state; moral education gained significance in the name of creating a homogenous society. In the Republican Turkey era, it was emphasized that when necessary science education could be sacrificed against moral education in the process of foundation of nation state; and moral education was first taken into consideration systematically at the Second Educational Council held in 1943. In this way, one of the issues addressed in the educational council meeting was yet another ideological institution, family. The objective of the present study is to consider family phenomenon in the light of state-family relationship of the relevant period as it was addressed in the morals report comprised of “Türk Ahlakının İlkeleri” (Principles of Turkish Morals) and associated text books prepared based on the sessions of Morals Education Commissions held during the Second Educational Council.

The Second Educational Council, morals education, family, ideology.