Leprosy: “Ottoman Disintegration Period”
The lyzma is an illnes that occupies a significant part of the oldest pages of history and affects the human being negatively from the physical and psychological side. Although it is not known exactly whwn this disease developed, it is a disease spreading all over the World. One of the affected states was Ottoman. The Ottomans, who had to deal with this disease in almost every period, took some precautions to combat this disease and tried ways of treatment. This study deals with the leprosy in the 19th century and early 20th century of the Ottoman Empire. In this century, where did the leprosy spread, how many cases were there, and what measures have been taken, what measures have been taken, what are the effects of collecting and the state, and what will we try to study in this study.

Leprosy, Ottoman, 19th Century, Epidemic disease .