An Online History and Culture Library Initiative as a New Generation Learning Tool: tarih.im
The imprint of technology can now be seen in every area of life. Education also is one area in particular where this is seen, with the effect of recent innovative concepts. Today, both information and the ways it is presented have reached a turning point. It has become necessary to produce “new generation” solutions to present information in the easiest and best way. Thus in 2013, a group of young historians set out to reach the wider public with a new interpretation of historical knowledge through an internet portal called www.tarih.im using an “entrepreneurial” approach. They aimed to provide information “pills” in the form of short question and answer videos prepared with historians who were expert in the field. Along with this, they aimed to pass on new historical data to the future by means of oral history studies and outdoor reporting. In addition, visual presentations such as “history of the day” and “the history of objects” were prepared in the video-centered portal. However, the necessary material support was not secured and this initiative was terminated or at any rate paused in 2016. In this study, an evaluation will be made of the stages of thought of the tarih.im initiative in presenting history to the public, what was experienced in the process, its content, and why it was terminated, as an example of original work using new generation educational methods.

tarih.im, history education, entrepreneurship, video library