The South Outer City Walls Of Pedasa 2016-2017: A Preliminary Report
Pedasa, located in Karia in the inland of the Halikarnassos Peninsula, is an important settlement established by the Lelegians who are shown as ancestors of Iron Age Western Anatolian inhabitants, Karians in the written sources. The most important information about the localization of the city was given by Herodotos. Following the surveys, systematic excavations has been carried out in Pedasa since 2007. The Acropolis of Pedasa can be described as a hill-top settlement model which constitutes with inner and outer city walls. Up until now, inner walls, governor house and outer walls in Acropolis have been partly excavated. This study includes the preliminary assessment report of the last two excavations seasons (2016-2017), which focused on the outer wall, in Ancient Road Tower 5 and the structure of Bastion 1. By the excavations on the outer walls, structuring of the area, phases of construction and periodic relationships.

Caria, Pedasa, Acropolis, Ancient Road, Tower, Fortification.