Some Determinations About the Administration of Constantinople Between IX-XI. Centuries
The Emperor Constantine I (306-337), by name Constantine the Great, founded the great city of Constantinople in 330 CE and He declared this city as a capital. Constantinople after the collapse of Roman Empire it preserved the title of the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. This city has become central the most important political, administrative, militaristic and commercial etc. As well as Emperor this city’s administration is known the existence of many officials which duties political, administration, militaristic and judiciary. The most important of these officials is no doubt Eparch=?????o? who is responsible fort he administrative, judicial and commercial administration of the capital. In sources Eparch is seen as the supreme ruler after the emperor being ruled by the capital city. This study, Eparch who had a say in the administration of Constantinople and its administrators will be make some determinations considering the resources regarding the administration of Constantinople between IX.-XII. centuries.

Constantinople, Eparch, Administration.