Historical and Diplomatic Analysis of the Hujjah(762/ 1360) about selling of Armus village that is province of Tokat
Abstract Hujjah beyond its Word meaning is a juridical document and it is the official document of the sale of property in Islamic societies. However, it is not only about expressing social proceedings. İt has a significance and special importance to shed light on social and economic life of The seljuks and Early Ottoman eras. Because in these eras written sources are quite limited. In this study we mean to provide a modest contribution to find out history of the era by analyzing from different aspects one of the XIV. century Hujjah sale that are quiet rare to find. This Document is important in the terms of giving significance information about property and land relations of Anatolia, in the period of deterioration of Seljuks Iqta system and increasing of personal property.

Key words: Hujjah, Tokat, XIV. century, Iqta system, property