The Definition And Classification Of The Rucu In Rhetoric Books
The rucu, which is a meaning art is described in a similar way in the books of rhetoric. This art was not included in Miflâhu'l-Ulûm from the first books of rhetoric, but it was included in its abstracts or commentaries and Ottoman belâgat books followed them. Belâgat books are composed of three parts as 'me'ânî, beyân, bedî 'and literary arts are explained in the bedî' section. In these books, literary arts are handled verbal and meaning under two headings, and there are some differences in description and classification. In these books, any art can pass by different names; it may not be included in one book while it is in the other; can be described in different sections; can be explained as two separate arts; this is a common occurrence. The Rucu, is a meaning art included in many rhetoric books. Rucu is an art in the sense that it is a promise to go back and destroy it. A promise in this art is being refused by returning. In this article, this art is put forth in a comparative form from the books of rhetoric.

Rhetoric, bedi, rucu, definition, classification.