The Crime And Punishment According To The State Laws In The Scandinavian Society In The Late Middle Age
One of the most important institutions in the formation of societies and also that we can say a basic foundation is legal institution in the history. The same institution was also importanat in Scandinavian countries. There were also cuncils called “Thing” in this area. These councils had broad aouthorities to better. They compiled all the complicated practices into a general law. This formation in Scandinavian societies, IX.-XII. It has increased even more over the centuries.This situation has caused not only society but also other institutions to be reshaped. During this change he was also influenced by the Roman and Church laws in Europe. However, it appears that some of the laws still have pagan attributes. In this work, we will try to explain the functioning of this system, the crimes and the penalties applied.

Middle Ages, Europe, Scandinavian, Law, Crime, Penalty.