The Conflict Of Arab And French In Syria During To Irade-i Milliye And Hakimiyet-i Milliye Newspapers (1919-1920)
After the First World War, the Ottoman Empire was fragmented and reshaped the Middle East. This shape has been the architect of Britain and France. Especially in the hands holding the Suez Canal England after the war has strengthened India focused much of the colonial empire. It was also shared with the French Sykes-Picot Agreement with the Arab lands of the oil center. Before the war, the war against the Ottoman Empire they were promised to the Arabs in exchange for the so-called Arab Kingdom of the bill returned to the place where the first place, so it is discarded. After the war, British Sharif Hussein's son Faisal was proclaimed King of Syria. Syria's oil region with the Sykes-Picot Agreement of Mosul and Kirkuk left to the French money has created discontent. Political maneuvers savy Brits are exploiting underground and aboveground resources into public conflict. The French are not good at political maneuvering Unlike the British, the people have faith and culture to intervene in Syria, and Armenians have used French dressing in military uniforms. Syrians seeking independence against the French increased their attitudes and began to openly entered the conflict with the French. Who want to establish a national Turkish state in Anatolia, Mustafa Kemal and his friends also gave support to the French anti-independence movement in Syria. independence from Syria and met with supporters of Ataturk in Ankara. Also the food from Anatolia to Syria, supporters of independence were made in logistics support and weapons.

Syria, France, Mandate, Occupation, Conflict.