Positioning Of Yemen In The Medieval Economic Ecosystem
Yemen economy model appeared in the Medieval with its three focal points. First one was composed of the goods the country markets as raw materials to the outside World. Some of these goods were produced by means of agriculture and animal husbandry, while others were obtained from nature in various ways (fishing, gathering, mining etc.). The second focal point of Yemen economy was formed from goods (sword, pots and pans, leather, textile, etc.) which were sold to outside World as processed products. The country gathered some of its own raw materials in order to obtain these products, while importing a significant portion of them from the outside. The third focal point in the economy was about the eco-strategic location of the country. The people of Yemen made good use of the advantages that this location gave them and turned their goods into money through good exchanges, customs, and transportation activities. On the other hand, Yemeni merchants were active in a wide geographical area. Even in some places - the Horn of Africa, East African coasts, Madagascar Island – they have created commercial hegemony. Apart from all these, Yemen, with its urbanization and luxury-loving masses that have caught a certain level of prosperity, contributed to the economic ecosystem through purchases made from the outside world.

Yemen, Medieval, Trade History, Economic History, Economy.