Coins Of The Al-Jazeera (Cizre) Zengid Atabegs
This study covers 6 coins printed at the Mardin Museum at the time of al-Jazeera the Zengi Atabeg. The aim of the work is to read the coin inscriptions and to determine which king they belong to and to handle their figures in iconographic terms. Two of the coins investigated were published by Müizeddin Sencar Shah, three by Müizeddin Mahmud and one by the joint authority of Muizzeddin Mahmud and al-Malik ez-Zahir. In the period of Müizeddin Sencer Shah, in the coins printed in 584 (1189), portraits with long, wavy and scattered hair in Roman and Greek style are seen. These portraits are reminiscent of Arethusa busts in Greek mythology with their hairstyles. However, the facial features of the portraits are the Uyghur type, which is called moon-faced, sharp almond-eyed in Central Asian style. In the coins of Müizeddin Mahmud printed in Al-Jazeera in 606 (1210) the depictions of khan in the form of a half-bust raising up a crescent given from the front in the front side. These depictions are in the form of manifestations of interest in horoscopes and planets in the Middle Ages Islamic world. In ancient Mesopotamian societies, sun, moon and star cultures were very influential. Especially since the middle of the 3rd millennium, sin, the Moon God, was depicted on the cylinder seals together with the symbol of moon. In the pre-Islamic period, after the Turks accepted the religion of Mani, they placed the Moon God in the center of their beliefs according to the principles of this religion. Until this time, Turks called God as Tengri, they called him as Moon God then. According to ancient Turkish thinking, power was given to man by God. Thus, the depictions were symbolized in the form of ascending to the throne by taking happiness from the Moon God. Melik Mahmud, Melik Zahir, Halife el-Müstansir and Seljuks Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev’s names were included in the joint authority of Muizzeddin Mahmud and ez-Zahir in their joint rulings in al-Jazir’a in 639 (1241)

Zengids, al-Jazeera, Sencar Shah, Muizzeddin Mahmud, el-Melik el-Zahir, Coins.