After Sajids, Political Crisis In Azerbaijan And Mosaferids Domination
Azerbaijan’s archaic geography, which is as important from the perspective of Turks as it is from the perspective of Muslims, has earned a reputation for hosting various elements throughout its history along with the many charms it possesses. While the assorted societies trading here increases its wealth, Islamic conquerors being in activity caused it to move into a Muslim administration in a short span of time. The power vacuum that arose after the Sajids withdrew in Azerbaijan, which was partially controlled by Turkish governors other than a few isolated periods, caused the region to pass into the hands of the Daylamite Mosaferids. This complicated era, which occurred approximately one century after the hegemony of the Seljuks, caused the region to be susceptible to Russian invasion, violent conflicts, and the relative break down of the stability that the Turks had created. In this article, the start of the period of Azerbaijan’s passing into the hands of the Mosaferids will be discussed together with this transition period.

Mosaferids, Dailamites, Azerbaijan, Barda’a