Views over Turkish Alphabet Revolution in Bosnian Media
Views over Turkish Alphabet Revolution in Bosnian Media Turks used Uigur and Gokturk before Islam and began using Arabic alphabet after conversion to Islam. Studies in order to reform the alphabet which was used for centuries goes back to the Ottoman era and the names such as Munif Pasa (d. 1910) dated 1862-1863 and Ahundzade Feth Ali of Azerbaijan (d. 1878) The goal of Ataturk’s principles and reforms was to meet the contemporary standards in terms of political and economic aspects regarding Turkey. Therefore, Atatürk reformed the alphabet in 1928. Bosnian public paid much attention alphabet reform in Turkey and modernist intellectuals were fully in favor of the reform as a guiding principle. In religious circles two different views emerged in this respect. The common points of these are that the alphabet reform that Atatürk realized was perceived as an anti-Islamic movement. Hence, they criticized Kemalist in every aspect and even attempted to display the reform as an act motivated to appease Bolshevik demands. In this study, pieces and writers published in Bosnian in newspapers, magazines and books published about the Turkish alphabet reform will be identified and their opinions will be critically examined under separate titles.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, letter reform, Ataturk, press.