Ghurids According To Ravzatu's-Safa And Habibu's-Siyer
The mountainous area between Helmand Valley and Herat city in Afghanistan is called Ghur Region. The Ghurids was founded here in 545/1150, in the name of the region, and maintained its existence until 612/1212. Although the sources about the origins of the Ghurids provide some information, this information is not certain. However, the sources dealing with the developing events after 545/1150 convey this process in approximately the same way. Among these sources, there is also the work of Mîrhând, Râvzatü’s-Safâ fî Sîreti’l-Enbiyâ ve’l-Mülûk ve’l-Hulefâ and Hândmîr’s Târîhu Habibi’s-Siyer fî Ahbâr-ı Efrâd-i Beşer. Both books contain important information that will shed light on the history of Ghurid. In this study, both works were firstly translated into Turkish and presented for exploitation. It has been also tried to be evaluated compared with other main sources of the period.

The Ghurids, The Gaznavids, Region of Ghur, Alâüddîn Jihansûz, Gıyâsüddîn Abu’l-Feth.