Role Of Leisure Time In Children’s Religious And Moral Education
Religion is a life style that includes the whole of the lifetime. It is an inseparable part of human being that approaches to man since the genesis, involves the period of time from childhood and youth to end of the life. In Turkey, religious and moral education are generally given by parents or related institutional structures (e.g. mosques, Quran courses, religious communities and so on). To consolidate religious education that is shaped accordingly evaluation appraisals, related institutions are used step by step. This study aimed to present influence of an integrated summer course – that included various religious, moral education, leisure time activities (e.g. sports, swimming, trekking, drama, art etc.) and scientific activities – on children’s religious and moral education. Considering the findings, it can be argued that leisure time activities, rather than traditional methods, leave lasting impressions on good morality, Quran and religious education.

Religious, Moral, Quran, Leisure Time, Social Activity.