Attempt of Communication Limitation in Mondros Cease-fire: The 23th Divisional of Example
Mondros Cease-fire Agreement, the Ottoman Empire was a complete surrender and destruction agreement. Article 12 of the Treaty; the evaluation of the military unit over the first 6-7 months on the basis of divisions reveals how sensitive the conditions of the resistance movement are. The clause of communication has, of course, been placed in the Treaty of Truce for the purpose of preventing the possible counter-actions of the Turks and of having knowledge in advance. It was inevitable that there was a change in the order and number of the army due to the end of the war. The army, which had to be scaled down rapidly according to the cease-fire provisions, made efforts to protect its skeleton without paying attention to the victorious states. Within the Turkish Army, the movements of the 23th Divisional Departments were made taking into consideration the elements of communication and the liquidation of the personnel. From the 30th October 1918 until the mid-May 1919, the activities in the 23th Division have become a safe and ready source of military communication in the struggle for independence.

Truce, The 23th Divisional, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, Communication, Independence.