The Impact Of Globalization Concept On Political History Writing
Starting from the 1990s, there has been a growing interest on globalization concept in scholarly works on various fields. After the end of Cold War, the concept started to show its impact on political history and indirectly on names and curriculum of the university programs. While the globalization concept refers to arising interchange of people, products, services and information among countries, this articles tackles with its affects on political history writing. Rising interactions among societies in the globe bring the need for the history writing of the common planet. It is expected that global history writing is the one that would respond the need. In this article characteristics of the world history perspective which is regarded as predecessor of global history are analyzed. Those are Eurocentric approach, nation state based approach and modernization theory based approach. The main question of the article is whether the mentioned characteristics of world history writing would transform or perpetuate in the global history writing. It is argued that when it comes to global history writing; Eurocentric, nation state based, modernisation theory based approaches are expected to get transformed in particular ways that are discussed further in the manuscript.

Globalization, Global History, World History, Eurocentric, Nation State.